Group Fitness Programs


12 Month | $135 6 Month | $145 1 Month | $155

RISE Fit is designed for individuals who are just getting back into a workout routine or for individuals who are just beginning to implement physical exercise into their lives. RISE Fit is going to help lay the foundation you need to advance forward in your health journey and day to day life.

RISE Fit is going to establish and improve your core stability through lightweight training, Interval Training, and Body Weight Movements. Our style of Interval Training is going to aid you in eliminating body fat and building lean muscle.


12 Month | $135 6 Month | $145 1 Month | $155

RISE Ripped is for more advanced individuals looking to take their training up a notch. RISE Ripped is going to target your Core, Stability and Body Mobility in order to service your body in preventing future injuries.

RISE Ripped employs heavier weight training, high intensity interval training and frequent strength tests to measure your overall progress. This program also includes conditioning, advanced core work and plyometrics.